The Heroes

Name: Dan Meister
Age: 16
Race: Terran/Gheos

Ship(s): Rhapsody
The bold (if somewhat impulsive) leader of a crack team of adventurers.


Name: Isaac Harrison

Age: 14

Race: Cadian

Ship(s): Iron Maiden

Dan's right hand with more muscles in his arms than in his head.


Name: Samuel Cyrus

Age: 16

Race: Ferrus

Ship(s): Argentum

The brains of the operation, he's the reason the rest of them are still alive.


Name: Jason Roades
Age: 15
Race: Aquias

Ship(s): Sapphire Sailor

Not much for brains, but few have his marksmanship.

The Villians (coming soon)

Others (coming soon)

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